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Cash Line Of Credit
Every small business in the U.S should have the ability to access capital at its fingertips. Our Cash Line of Credit Program makes this desire a reality. With our cash line of credit, you gain access to capital that enables you to draw funds as the need arises. You can use this capital to Secure wonderful growth opportunities, Enhance Inventory or Discounted Bulk Inventory Purchases, Financially support operating expenses like supplies and payroll, Payoff High-Interest Credit Cards or Cash Advance Loans, Renovation or Expansion, Emergency Funds for Accidental Situations, Asset acquisitions, Even out Cash Flow for Seasonal Businesses
What are the requirements and interest rates to apply for a credit line?
We will use data from 3 bureaus to get access to your credit history, and these bureaus are Vukode, Ziteso, and Sendesta. After evaluating your credit history, we will make a decision for your loan application. Interest rates will be decided according to your credit score.